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Traditional Mexican Food in Denver, CO

For more than 30 years, La Mexicana Taqueria has been a staple of Northern Metro Denver. People love our dishes and our place has become a home to families looking for hearty, great-tasting and satisfying meals.

Our History​

By Ruby Hernandez
The dream of owning a small restaurant began over 30 years ago. This dream became a reality when Raul Hernández opened his first restaurant on West 32nd Avenue. It had only four small tables, a take-out counter, and an abundance of hope. Years later, a second door of opportunity opened and he, along with his wife Eloisa, opened what is now La Mexicana Taqueria at Highlands.
La Mexicana Taqueria at Highlands is just one block east of where Raul's journey began. The restaurant is tucked into a 50-year old brick building, and thankfully, now has more than four tables. The authenticity of the Mexican food is real and the sensation of home is felt. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very laid back and casual, and just like one's own kitchen, the aromas of a home cooked meal can almost be tasted. The freshness of the food can even be guaranteed!

Raul and Eloisa decided to bring the kitchen into the dining room so customers can see for themselves how their food is being prepared no canned food in this kitchen! So, next time you're in the mood for something different and delicious, stop by, relax, have an agua de horchata, and let the family at La Mexicana Taqueria at Highlands feed you, your friends, and family!
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